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Our weekend and evening courses are always popular; so popular in fact that even with 45-50 courses scheduled each year we are often oversubscribed or just fully booked up within days. each year we have around 400 people attend our courses and go away really happy with a handful of prints, a head full of new knowledge and a keenness to come back.. or join as a member and keep printing.

However the last year has been a strange and challenging year for everyone. We have only managed to run 6 courses due to 2 lockdowns and all the difficulties around the coronavirus pandemic. We postponed a few courses and were ready to re-run them when the second lockdown was announced for November and again in January when lockdown #3 was announced.

We had to postpone two fully booked Copper Sulphate courses in November. This was the second postponement. Sorry for all those looking forward to the courses. We will be trying to run them again in 2021.

As to other courses and making up for lost time; we can’t plan until we know for certain that we will be out of a potentially extended lockdown. We don’t anticipate new courses being set and advertised until March. It is a huge loss to us. We have lost over a year of courses and have a huge backlog of enquiries and reserve places. We hope we can make it all up when the world is a safer and more enjoyable/relaxed place to be.


Thanks for your patience and support.

The Hot Bed Press Team

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