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  • November4th

    Hot Bed Press is introducing artists’ demonstrations to show exciting methods and new approaches to printmaking. Get a taste for something new and open your eyes to a different way of working. The artists will demonstrate their methods of working and inspire you with examples of work. These will undoubtedly be lively and intriguing evenings.

    These demonstrations are ‘Pay on the Door’ events.
    They cannot be booked in advance.

    Devoré Print

    (masterclass demo)

    Artist: Kiran Williams

    Tuesday 8th November
    7.00pm – 8.30pm

    This is a process where part of a fabric is burned away (or devoured). A design can be screen-printed or paste can be applied freehand. Once dry it is then ironed or baked. The paste burns the fibres and when they are rubbed out of the fabric it leaves thin areas, creating a different tonal effect. It may be thought of almost as etching on fabric.

    Cost £10.00 to non-members / £5.00 to Hot Bed Press members 

    Vaseline Etch

    (masterclass demo)

    Artist: Martin Kochany

    Tuesday 6th December
    7.00pm – 8.30pm

    This process has been developed by Martin as a unique method of achieving a subtle soft ground aquatint, giving expressive painterly tone in a simple and immediate manner. You will also be shown how to screen the Vaseline to get a photographic quality, experiment with lift grounds and layer up the image.

    Cost £10.00 to non-members / £5.00 to Hot Bed Press members