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We are really pleased to announce that we will be running The Complete Printmaker again next year. Due to the popular demand for the course and a very healthy expressions of interest list we will be once again running 2 courses concurrently; one on Monday mornings, (9.30am – 12.20pm) and the other on Monday evenings, (6.00pm – 9.00pm).

Starting on 6th January and running to 14th April the first term will cover monoprint through to etching. There is a long Summer break and the second term will run from 4th August to 17th November and cover screenprinting through to phopt-etching and waterless lithography.

Students can take advantage of an extra 4 hours a week workshop access, [supported by our Technician], for the 30 weeks on top of the 3 hours taught sessions.

The course costs £600 a term / £1,200 a year. Payment will be one ‘downpayment of £300 before 1st September 2013 and then 3 further payments of £300 by standing order in January, April and July.

For more information contact us on e-mail at or telephone 0161 743 3111.

Places will be booked on a first come first served basis, but committing to the course will be committing to paying the full £1,200.

and not only but also…

We are also really excited to be bringing you The Complete Book Artist

Running on the same weeks as the Complete Printmaker, but on Tuesday evenings, (6.00pm – 9.00pm), this course will give the same fuller comprehensive experience and is run by Sylvia Waltering.

Throughout the 30 weeks you will develop knowledge of materials and techniques and will learn how to make a variety of book structures. These range from simple yet fascinating structures to more challenging multi-section hard- bound books. You will also learn how to make a beautiful clam-shell portfolio box to house some of the great books you have made on the course.

As well as equip you with technical knowledge the course will challenge you to explore narrative, sequencing, text & image, the relationship between form and content and how you can use the book form to interrogate and push your own practice and ideas.

The course will also bring in a number of guest tutors to give hands-on introductions to various non-digital printing methods, including Risograph, letterpress, silk-screen and linocut to help you develop and realise the ideas that connect the form and content of your books.

This course too costs £1,200 a year / £600 a term.
Sylvia Waltering makes and publishes books as one half of Battenburg Press. She is an artist working with a variety of media, including photography, text, installation and artists’ books and has over ten years’ teaching experience as a lecturer at Manchester School of Art.

Her books and installation work often involve domestic objects and (fictional) collections, exploring their narrative possibilities. Sylvia’s books have been exhibited internationally and a number of her publications are held in private and public collections in the UK, Denmark, Hungary, Australia and the US.

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