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It’s good to be back. After a short break for Christmas and New Year we are now reopen for business.

We are looking forward to seeing members steadily coming in, and Complete Printmaker courses continuing on for the next 5 weeks. (New Complete Printmaker and Book Arts courses start in March.)


We are really pleased to be welcoming 2 new members of staff: Craig Atherton as new Technician; Wednesday to Friday, plus some Saturdays, and Andrea Westall as Education Officer. We were hoping to also welcome a new Exhibitions, Events & Marketing Officer, but the person offered the role was unable to take it up… so we will be re-advertising and looking forward to adding to our staffing in coming weeks.


We are now opening Mondays to Fridays, having shut on Fridays in 2020 due to covid challenges and staffing. With new staff, [which has been made possible with a 2 year grant from Arts Council England /National Lottery funding], we are able to open on Fridays again, plus Thursday evenings plus we are planning to open alternate Fridays from 29th January. We aim to be making up for lost time and missed opportunities to print, giving members more hours and more access, plus increased support.


We are continuing to do everything we can to stay safe during the ongoing pandemic, and are sanitizing and cleaning every day, shutting at 4.00pm each day to carry out a thorough clean, keeping to a strict mask wearing policy and continuing with a booking system to limit numbers. We hope to ease off on this as weeks go by, and get back to a more casual and easy going open access, but are closely monitoring all news and updates to stay safe and on top of all necessary precautions.


We hope to see you all soon.


Sean Rorke

Artistic Director

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