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Price Rises

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Having kept prices the same for 2 years we are putting up membership and hourly usage up slightly from 7th April to cover ongoing increases in overheads.

Print Membership
Membership will be going up to £6.25 a month, (£75.00 a year)*.
The hourly rate is rising from £2.75 an hour to £3.00 an hour.
We are however keeping the regular user rate at £50.00 a month, (including membership).

Regular user
We encourage anyone using the facilities for any more than 4 hours a week regularly to consider taking up Regular User status. Regular Users do not need to buy hours cards and have unlimited access for up to 39 hours a week, (plus 5 hours on the last Saturday of every month). We have taken the step of reducing the amount of time you have to commit to being a Regular user to a minimum 3 months, (down from 6 months).

Next step to Keyholder Membership
Anyone taking up Regular user status will be automatically considered for keyholder status as a place comes available. Keyholder status is a privileged position allowing you 24 hour access to the facilities for £65 a month, (including membership and unlimited hours usage). There are a limited number of these types of membership. We currently have a few Keyholder Memberships available and will consider fresh applications. Please see Andy or Sean for more details.

3 Year Membership
Save £45 by taking up a 3 year membership. Keep your membership at the old rate of £60 a year by paying up front for 3 years with a one-off payment of £180. Then sit back and relax; you are sorted until May 2017!

We are really proud that Hot Bed Press continues to improve and develop and exists without funding. The resource and staffing is paid for entirely from membership, courses and studio hire. As a not-for-profit organisation we plough every penny back into improving the facilities and providing expert support.

Thank you to everyone who supports us!

And remember Think Ink!

Best wishes

Sean Rorke
Artistic Director
Hot Bed Press

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