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This week we have collected a really fantastic donation of Letterpress type, cases and equipment that has come via a couple of great guys, Peter and Stephen King, from just up the road in Salford.

The treasure trove of beautiful presses and type had been meticulously collected over the years by artist and teacher Roy Mewha who taught at Walkden High School. The equipment will slowly be introduced into the workshop to greatly improve our existing stock of type and presses.

The donation will add another 2 Adanas to our collection, plus we were seriously excited to find an electric Adana T/P48 under a blanket at the back of the shed. So if we can get that refurbished and back into use it will add a whole new dimension to the possibilities of our letterpress area.

We also collected 5 cabinets of type which now means we have a complete cabinet of wooden type, and once sorted, a complete cabinet of picture blocks, type high rules and decoration blocks.

Obviously we will need some time to sort, clean up and introduce the new stock, but it is a great find and for those of you interested in our new course, The Complete Letterpress Printer which launches in February 2016, this represents a fantastic addition to our letterpress area.

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