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We are gearing up to a new year for our Complete courses. The year-long courses have once again proven really popular. We are really pleased to be almost full on every course. On the first year Complete Printmaker there is only one place left on the evening course and only one place left on The Complete Book Arts course. The Complete Letterpress course is fully booked. It’s the first time we have run this course and it’s great to see it full.

The second and third year Complete Printmaker are now fully established as a regular option and it is so good to see 19 people carrying on to second year and 10 people carrying on to third year.

All in all there are 79 students on this year’s Complete courses which is fantastic, if not a little daunting.

Last year’s third years were the first lot to graduate over 3 years and we look forward to seeing more of them here doing the wonderful work they have developed as artists and to hearing about even more successes and awards. To celebrate we/they are planning a major showing here at Hot Bed Press opening on March 10th at 6pm – 9pm, and running until 24th March. They will take over half of the first floor and install new mini galleries and displays in side studios. With over a month’s preparation towards the show it promises to be rally exciting. More on this to come.

Sean Rorke
Artistic Director

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