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20-20 sort

We are off and running for the 20:20 and we have already had a good response from print workshops; many new to the exchange.

There is plenty of time to go yet. We are setting the deadline to hear confirmation from workshops on taking part and (rough) numbers involved. Prints are to be in by 1st October and the grand sort and all distribution will happen in a very busy November.

For those of you who don’t know the exchange is the largest in the UK; last year 14,625 prints were created and exchanged between 585 artists from 40 print workshops.

Each artist creates an edition of 25 prints each 20cm x 20cm in any print medium. unlike other print exchanges the artist must be a member of a print workshop and each workshop submits 10, 20 or 30 artists, [perhaps more in multiples of 10 artists for the sake of logistics/mathematics].

Each artist pays £10.00 and in November packages will be sent to the workshops participating to hand out to individual artists; each artist receives a random selection of prints from around the UK. In addition each workshop receives a random portfolio and a twinned portfolio matching them up with artists from another workshop, [to promote collaboration and further links. Print workshops also use the prints they receive to raise money through auctions, print sales or on-line gallery sales.

There is also a touring exhibition of the whole exchange which this year toured 6 workshops around the UK, so every artist gets a part in a national tour.

It’s an exciting time of year and it is always great to see the variety of prints produced.

For more information see the exhibitions page.

and there is a lovely time lapse video of the 20:20 on tour at The Art House in Wakefield which is well wort a watch; click here to view it

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