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The 20:20 prints are all in and lots of boxes opened. The team of pickers, checkers and sorters are enjoying seeing the massive range of prints. There are quite a few anomalies already with at least 10 artists producing 20 prints and not 25, so there’s going to be some challenging logistics in the coming days. A number of studios have had late changes to the numbers taking part and we have a few odd numbers of artists rather than groups/multiples of 10.

This year we have 42 print workshops taking part from across the UK and Ireland, and over 14,500 prints; all in neat piles spreading out in our studio.

The sort will take about 2 weeks full time. The fantastic Karen and Cathy are doing most of the work on the grand sort and overseeing teams of volunteers. It will take 2 to 3 weeks to do.

We are also going through the long and arduous task of scanning 1 of every edition and uploading to Flickr. (We did ask all print studios to scan their images in and send to us, but many didn’t get around to this – so it’s left to Andy and Gulinda in the office to scan and upload.)

It’s all fun and exciting. The exchange is a great insight into they type of printmaking that goes on in print studios across the Uk and Ireland.

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