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We are very pleased to announce that we will be running The Complete Printmaker course from 7th March 2022.

Run over 30 weeks this course will give students a full and comprehensive grounding in printmaking, from monoprint through to photo-screenprint, waterless lithography and much more besides. The course is taught by Jeni Nuttall. Jeni is a practicing artist and has many years’ experience teaching art and printmaking. She specializes in etching, drypoint, painterly screen, and waterless lithography. We also bring in extra tutors for sessions in the year where we split the group, such as for etching and screenprinting.

The course runs on Monday mornings from 10.00am to 1.00pm. [Alternatively there is an evening course on Monday evenings 6.00pm – 9.00pm.] On top of the 3 hours taught sessions each week there are 4 hours a week as part of our open access to carry on your work from the lessons.
The hours can be accrued to be used over Summer or school holidays, when we will still be open apart from Bank Holidays, and/or in January and February at the end of the course. All students will also be able to ‘top-up’ their hours with workshop usage at any time during open access throughout the week at £3.00 per hour.

The course fees also include membership


About The Course
Run over 30 weeks this course gives students the full and comprehensive grounding in printmaking, from monoprint through to photo-etching, with lots more in-between.

The course is tutored on Monday mornings (from 10.00am to 1.00pm), and Monday evenings (between 6.00pm & 9.00pm). In addition to the 3 hours taught sessions all students are given a years membership of Hot Bed Press and an extra 4 hours a week to carry on what they have learnt each week. This can be used in the same week or accrued to be taken in a ‘lump sum’ such as over Easter or Summer. Hot Bed Press is open throughout the year apart from national Bank Holidays and usually 2 weeks over Christmas/New Year so we are very flexible and accessible.

A Bit More
This course reflects and responds to the increasing demand for printmaking courses that offer a deeper understanding and a greater knowledge of all the processes and methodologies available through printmaking, (in comparison to weekend courses and short-term evening courses, which offer introductions to printmaking). Students will also be given a more contextual and historical background to printmaking and be supported through development of a portfolio and focused body of work.

The course is not accredited but offers a fuller understanding of printmaking and will be the equivalent experience to a traditional fine art first year degree in print. The practical make-up of the course will be married up with contextual background and content driven tutoring, support and advice.

About The Tutors
Jeni Nuttall teaches the 1st year sessions. Jeni has been a printmaker for many years and has taught printmaking and life drawing across the North West.

Sean Rorke, [Artistic Director of Hot Bed Press] is also course leader for The Complete Printmaker. Sean has over 25 years of experience as a lecturer and module leader in printmaking.


Places will be booked on a first come first served basis. There is no interview or portfolio review to gain a place on the course as we expect that what students will learn on the course will bring everyone to a high level of artistic and creative achievement.


Course Outline
The following is a broad outline of the print processes covered on a week-to-week basis. Each week will start with a demonstration followed by a practical hands-on session. More or less time may be taken up by processes/techniques throughout the course as dictated by the dynamics of the group and how each student approaches each process.

Each student may choose to concentrate on a particular method of printmaking to develop their work, but will be expected to attend each session and have a go at each technique to build a portfolio. As the course progresses more independent practice will be supported, and individual tutorials and advice sessions will be integrated into each lesson.

The first term will cover monoprinting through to relief printing and etching. Tutorials, group crits and personal advice sessions on professional development will inform the progress of students and the term will culminate in a presentation to the group by each student on their work.

In the second term screenprinting, waterless lithography, photo-etching and gum-arabic transfer will be taught. There will be 2 tutors for certain weeks, splitting the group in half to give more focused teaching. As the course progresses the more print techniques covered will give each student added opportunities to focus on the type of printmaking that suits their practice and style of work both in the taught sessions and in any flexible access hours. For the last few weeks with the major print methods taught students can ‘spread out’ even more into their own preferred medium. More advanced tips and advice will be given along the way. Extra demonstrations will be scheduled for more specialised methods such as editioning tips and advanced registering and layering. Each student will be supported individually to achieve their goals and improve their printmaking skills and knowledge.

Comprehensive notes and instruction worksheets will be provided and critical and contextual materials on printmaking will be added and discussed. Extra reading material and other sources of inspiration will be given.

The Complete Printmaker is suitable for absolute beginners through to experienced printmakers wanting to expand their skill-set and broaden their knowledge. Those with experience of one or two print practices will be supported in extending and experimenting with how they work in each medium. New and different ways of working will be encouraged.

The pace of the course will be dictated by the group as a whole, and influenced by how much work each student can cover outside of taught sessions. The timetable may change slightly due to the dynamics of the group. Some techniques may require more time to allow progress and a fuller understanding, whilst some maybe covered in ‘quick time’. The taught sessions are intended to give an introductory grounding for each process in order for each student to develop their own style and to achieve their own goals.

The maximum intake is 16 students. The cost is £1,300 for the full year.

We ask for a £300 first payment and then  10 monthly payments of £100 by standing order on the 15th of the month.


(Please note that in confirming your place on the course you are agreeing to pay the full £1,300. We cannot offer refunds or part payment of the course if you have to drop off the course.)

Since starting to run the Complete Printmaker courses in 2013 we have also added a second and third year to the course. Testament to the success of the course each year to date students have asked to be able to continue into a second and even a third year. Although we do not schedule these in as definite courses or book The Complete Printmaker as a 2 or 3 year option we allow room in the calendar for 2nd and 3rd years to run. It all depends on the demand from students. We ask each group of students what they may want to do at the mid-way stage of the course, (i.e.before summer break). If the demand is there we will run a second year. The second year focuses on more personal development, tutorials, further and advanced printmaking techniques and more in depth instruction.


Week By Week Schedule

Term 1 Mondays 10.00am – 1.00pm or 6.00pm – 9.00pm

Week 1 7th March Introduction & Monoprinting
Week 2 14th March Drypoint
Week 3 21st March Carborundum
Week 4 28th March Multi-plate printing; monoprint, drypoint, collagraph

Easter Break – 3 weeks (Mondays; 4th, 11th & 18th April off)

Week 5 25th April Collagraphs

One week off 2nd May (Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May)

Week 6 9th May Collagraphs continued
Week 7 16th May Lino – black & white
Week 8 23rd May Reduction Lino – multi-colour continued

Half term break – one week (Monday 30th May off)

Week 9 6th June Reduction Lino – multi-colour continued
Week 10 13th June continued practice
Week 11 20th June Etching & Intro to screenprint [2 tutors / split groups]
Week 12 27th June Etching & Intro to screenprint [2 tutors / split groups]
Week 13 4th July Etching & Intro to screenprint [2 tutors / split groups]
Week 14 11th July Intro to screenprint & etching [2 tutors / split groups]
Week 15 18th July Intro to screenprint & etching [2 tutors / split groups]
Week 16 25th July Intro to screenprint & etching [2 tutors / split groups]

Summer Break
Hot Bed Press is open throughout the summer and students are welcome to come and use the workshop. Any hours remaining from the 4 hours a week access can be used over summer up until the start of the second term.

Term 2
Week 17 5th September Group chat – show and tell
Week 18 12th September Painterly Screenprinting [ group 1] & continued practice
Week 19 19th September Painterly Screenprinting [ group 2] & continued practice
Week 20 26th September Tutorials and continued practice
Week 21 3rd October Tutorials and continued practice
Week 22 10th October continued practice
Weeks 23 17th October Gum Arabic Transfer

Half term break – one week (24th October off)

Week 24 31st October Gum Arabic Transfer continued
Week 25 7th November continued practice
Week 26 14th November Waterless Lithography
Week 27 21st November Waterless Lithography continued
Week 28 28th November Tutorials and continued practice
Week 29 5th December Tutorials and continued practice
Week 30 12th December Final printing and end of year chat



The cost of the course is £1,300 for the full year. This includes materials and a year’s membership plus 120 hours open access usage outside of the taught sessions.

We ask for a £300 deposit followed by 10 monthly payments of £100 a month starting from March. Monthly payments must be paid by standing order. We will issue you with our bank details. Alternatively, you can pay the full course fee up front.

Signing up for the course means that you are agreeing to pay the full course fees. We will not offer refunds to anyone pulling off the course once it has started and expect the full fees to be paid. As an independent arts organization we commit to the levels of staffing, including tutors and technicians based on guaranteed income.

In the event that Hot Bed Press has to cancel or postpone the course due to lockdowns or other effects of coronavirus we will of course reimburse any money or rearrange the course to fit. We had to do this in 2020 and ran extra sessions and extended the course until the end of March 2021. We do not anticipate any problems and have taken every precaution we can to ensure the course can run for the full 30 weeks.


2nd & 3rd YEARS

Since introducing this course in 2013 students liked it so much, they asked to do another year… and then another, so we set up the second and third year. [The 2nd year running on Tuesday mornings and the 3rd year on Wednesday mornings.]

In the second year we go into greater depth on print techniques with further practical demonstrations and support. Techniques covered in second year include: large scale expressive print, making your own inks, a guide to the right paper, multi-plate printing, perfect registration, professional screen stencils, True grain expressive screen, photo-etching, letterpress, gum arabic transfer and multi-coloured waterless lithography.  The emphasis is on personal development with more opportunities for tutorials and group crits, plus discussions and advice on professional development.

The 3rd year offers further personal focus and development supported by individual tutorials, group chats and professional development sessions covering planning exhibitions, pricing work, the ins and outs of editioning, websites and social media.

However, the 2nd year option is not decided upon until close to the end of the 2nd year. It is not for everyone; especially as it runs on different days which might not be suited to everyone’s work or other commitments. People can do just 1 year, 2 years or the full 3 years.


Covid 19 restrictions and safety measures

We have taken every measure possible to make the workshop safe and have been refining our practices and safety procedures over the past 12 months as we continued to run The Complete Printmaker courses between lockdowns and when it was safe to do so.

Whilst covid restrictions remain in place we are reserving the workshop entirely to The Complete Printmaker – year 1 on Mondays. We close the workshop at 4.00pm each day for a full clean and sanitize by staff, (and fully clean after the evening course finishes at 9.00pm). We are restricting numbers in the workshop at any time and have limited the course to 14 students.

We are a very large open plan workshop and there is room for everyone to work 2m away from each other. We also have 8 screen beds, so you get your own print area each session. With relief printing and etching there will be cleaning of presses in between usage. We also ventilate the workshop with open windows at least once a day in between sessions, and in Summer will have more airflow throughout the building.

You will be asked to wear face masks at all times, except when working in isolation away from others, such as on a screen bed. Hand sanitizer and wash stations are available throughout the workshop and we encourage everyone to regularly wash their hands.

You will also be issued with sets of tools each to avoid sharing.

Talks and demonstrations will be done with safe distancing in mind. This may involve doubling up on demonstrations splitting the group in 2 sessions or simply a more spread out and safe distanced arrangement.

We continue to monitor and oversee that the workshop is safe for everyone and will take extra measures for everyone’s safety. Of course, we also hope that the coronavirus will ease off and that we can relax some measures over the course of the next 12 months, but we will not compromise on safety.

We are starting the courses without opening the workshop to all our members. This has been a difficult decision, but necessary as a step to getting back to normal, and to fit in year-long courses somehow. Where we usually allow courses and members to mingle and work alongside each-other, with booking systems in place to avoid overcrowding, we will only gradually open up the workshop to general use from June. This means any additional hours may be limited for the first month.

We will also be reserving the workshop fully for 2nd years on Tuesdays and 3rd years on Wednesdays and leaving only Thursday and Friday for members and extra sessions for students. As soon as we can, we will start opening this up to more use. We aim to also reopen Thursday evenings and the last Saturday of the month as extra sessions when safety and staffing levels permit us to do so. It will take a few months to get back to where we were before the coronavirus hit when we had between 20 and 30 people in across a full day, opened every Thursday evening and had busy Saturday sessions. We will do all we can to enable you to claim your extra hours should you need them, (although it has to be said that some students have not used all extra hours in the past, have managed to do other work for the course from home in between sessions, or utilized Summer as catch-up weeks).