Hot Bed Press
Hot Bed Press Printmakers' Studio | The Casket Works, Cow Lane, Salford. M5 4NB | Tel: 0161 743 3111 | Email:

New Members

  • Everyone starts with us as a Trial Membership. Trial membership is only available once.
  • Hours cards and materials vouchers must be purchased in advance. We do not have a credit system.
  • All members must sign the Good Studio Practice form, agreeing to treat the studio, Staff, Studio Managers and other members with respect and consideration and to act in accordance with health & safety rules and guidelines and to obey fire regulations. Anyone not acting in accordance with these rules and guidelines may be asked to end their membership.
Associate Members
  • Reduced fees are not available on courses for Associate members

Full Print Members

  • Print members are entitled to a reduced fee on all courses
  • Regular members

    • Regular Users must pay a minimum of 3 months by standing order. No shorter tem arrangements will be offered.
    • Payment for materials for Regular Members is the same as for Print Members. You must purchase materials cards in advance. There is no credit system. This type of membership is essentially a different way for paying for hours only.
    • All members must leave plenty of time to clear up after themselves and to pay in full for any money owing. Staff and Studio Managers aim to shut the workshop to everyone, (apart from Keyholder Members), at the advertised times.

    Keyholder Members

    • Keyholders must pay a minimum of 12 months by standing order and no short term arrangements for keyholder status will be offered.
    • Keyholders are permitted to use the workshop for their own work only. No commercial printmaking or private commissions may be undertaken in the keyholder’s time. It is a condition of a keyholder membership that it is for their own art practice only.
    • Keyholders must obey all fire regulations and health & safety requirements. Anyone using the workshop out of access hours must ensure that at least two exits are unlocked and fully accessible in the event of a fire. it is not permitted to ‘lock yourself in’.