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New members always welcome.

We accept new members all year round. Just ring up or e-mail and talk to Andy Magee our Operations Manager or one of our team to enquire and book in to come and see us. You can start any time. You don’t have to have specific experience. As long as you are comfortable in the workshop and are competent in the print process you are looking to practice here you are welcome to join. We don’t expect you to be an expert, but if you are not sure of a process, we would recommend you come on one of our many courses first.

We have a number of types of membership.



Print Membership gives you access to our large well-equipped print studio with technical support on hand and access to specialist printmaking materials; papers, inks and equipment which are available to buy in the workshop. There are numerous opportunities to exhibit and sell your work at Hot Bed Press events and exhibitions, plus you receive concessionary rates on all courses, regular e-bulletins and news updates on printmaking opportunities. Print Membership also gives you priority on Studio Spaces as they become available. 

Joining Cost: An initial payment of £35 gives you your first month’s membership, a £10 Materials Voucher and an £18 Studio Hire Card (6 Hours at £3 per hour) Then subsequent membership payments are payable on Monthly Standing Order at £6.75 a month : Minimum 12 Months

Materials and Studio Hire Cards need to be purchased in order to access the workshop.

We also have a STUDENT PRINT MEMBERSHIP option available for just £50.00 for the year. This is available to anyone in full time education. [Materials and studio hours cards need to be purchased separately.]



If you find that you are using the studio more than 3 hours a week, and paying £3.00 an hour as a Print Member, then it would be more cost effective to upgrade to our Regular User Membership which allows for unlimited usage during our opening hours. This membership package includes all the benefits of Print Membership plus the bonus of not having to watch the clock and incur the hourly charge. The only thing you need to pay for as you go are your materials. 

Cost: £50.00 per calendar month Payable on Monthly Standing Order: Minimum 3 Months then remainder of 9 months as Print Member. 12 months minimum in total.



Keyholder membership is a step up from Regular User membership as it gives you unlimited access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the facilities. We will give you keys to our amazing resource! You can stay after hours and come in any weekend, (except when some courses are running). It is suitable for those who have been members for years or have graduated from the 3rd year of our Complete Printmaker.

Cost: £75.00 per calendar month Payable on Monthly Standing Order: Minimum of 12 Months



If you live far away or have your own studio at home, then Associate Membership may be your best option. This membership option entitles you to take part in our exhibitions and events, receive regular e-bulletins and early bird notice on course bookings and exhibitions.

* This also serves as our ‘friends and supporters’ scheme’ and supports Hot Bed Press. This option does not give reduced fees on courses however.

Cost: £25.00 a year


To enquire about membership please contact the workshop by telephone on 0161 743 3111 or email and we will discuss your options and answer any enquiries that you might have.