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About the exchange and a bit of history

The 20:20 Print Exchange has been going since 2009. Originally an exchange between 10 artists from Hot Bed Press and 10 artists from Red Hot Press in Southampton it was such a simple idea that worked well that it expanded and expanded year on year. To date over 133,000 prints have been created just for the exchange

Every artist is asked to produce a new edition of 25 prints on paper size 20cm x 20cm, (paper size). Each artist pays £10.00.

In return each artist receives a box set of 20 randomly selected prints, (including their own print and 19 others).

Prints could be any print medium and numbered 1 to 25 of 25 prints.

Each workshop also receives one set of randomly selected prints and one ‘twinned’ set whereby workshops are randomly matched to another print workshop, each receiving a set of 10 of their own members’ prints and one set of your ‘twinning partner workshop’.

One print from every participant is kept by Hot Bed Press to exhibit/tour nationally and internationally.

With the exchange getting bigger and bigger each year the grand sort has become quite a mammoth task. We call on a team of people to help randomly sort all prints into bespoke hand screenprinted boxes. The printing of the boxes, checking in, sorting and packaging, and all other bits and pieces took a team of people 3-4 weeks solid work.

It’s always an exciting time of year when you can see the whole range of prints from across the UK and Ireland.

We also award prizes for best workshop and best overall print. The winning workshop receives a year’s submission worth £100 for 10 artists. The best individua print receives a £40.00 voucher for Intaglio Printmaker.

For more details and updates visit the 20:20 Print Exchange website. Click here.