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We are now putting up the exchange prints next door at Cow Lane Gallery. It’s going to be a lot of nails and clips! 392 lovely prints that show the wealth and diversity of printmaking happening across the UK. You can see the different styles of the 30 print workshops that have taken part and it’s really interesting to see how artists deal with the issue of editioning.


You simply can’t see the wealth of prints anywhere else in any other exhibition. Being focused exclusively on print workshops the exchange shows that there are many other printmaking facilities like us and we forma  network of printmaking across the UK.


It’s been great to hear the reactions of each print workshop this week as their packages of prints have arrived. There are artists receiving their prints from this weekend  onwards with every artist getting a different randomly selection of prints; no box is the same. All 30 print workshops from Southampton to Edinburgh, Wrexham to Dublin will be having their own show of prints and their own 20:20 launch event. It’s wonderful to see that Hot Bed Press are helping workshops from far and wide get more printmakers producing new editions and with the added bonus of each workshop being able to raise funds from selling a small selection of prints.

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