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Reduction Screenprint (2)

weekend Course

This course is not currently on the schedule

Tutor: Mandy Tolley

About the course:

This course has been specially designed to show you how to create multi-coloured screenprints with the greatest of ease working from just one photo-stencil. Mandy will show you how to put down a base colour and then coat, expose and print a photo-screen. Now here’s the clever bit, you will be shown how to fill areas of the same photo-screen and overprint with perfect registration to add the illusion of depth without the need for more screens. It’s quick, simple, inexpensive and above all effective.

Before the digital age took over much of screenprinting was done this way. Instead of digital colour separations or separate layers of digitally manipulated images much of the layering was done from one screen. Each colour is printed on top of the last obliterating those areas not filled at the latest stage.

Of course you will need good registration, (positioning in the same place each time you print and for each layer). This course will also be good for perfecting your registration with good tips along the way.

Maximum of 7 people