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Printed Album Covers

Weekend Course

This course is not currently on the schedule

Tutor: David Armes and Bonnie Craig

About the course:

Ever dreamt of being in your perfect band? Did you and your school pals work out what your album cover would look like without ever writing any songs? This course is for you.

Explore the expressive potential of combined screen-printing and letterpress. By experimenting with colour, shape, composition, texture and pattern, you will create a set of unique fake album covers. Participants will be encouraged to take a creative and playful approach using screenprinting techniques including layering, masking, overprinting and collage. You will work with large wood type for bandnames and album titles, using interference techniques to explore text as image. We will use both processes as an image-making and mark-making tool and as an experimental process, and you will go away with fresh ideas for your next project.

Maximum of 8 people