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Portfolio Box Making (Clamshell) Cancelled

weekend Course
Starting: Friday 1st January 2021
Ending: Friday 1st January 2021
From: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Fully booked

Tutor: Sylvia Waltering

About the course:

Unfortunately due to the outbreak of Covid -19 this course has been cancelled. This course may run in the 2021 although we do not have a confirmed date .


Over the course of a weekend of a weekend you will learn how to make a bespoke clamshell box from scratch . The box can be any size up to a4 and made to house an object, book or collection of prints of your choice.

You will begin by learning how to measure and construct the trays that will hold the content. Then you will go on to cover them with your choice of coloured book cloth, line them with beautiful Esme Winter paper and finally make the outer case that will hold it all together.

This course is ideal for those who already have some book binding experience. The focus of the course is to expand your craft and technical skills and to give you the confidence to make your own presentation boxes at home.

Cost: £130.00 / £110.00 members

Maximum of 8 people