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weekend Course

This course is not currently on the schedule

Tutor: Martin Kochany

About the course:

Take your photographs to another level. Bringing your own photographic images into etching gives a unique look. Once the plate is created and you are happy with your result you can go on to print an edition of prints. There are lots of interesting and intriguing stages in-between.

The thin film of photo-sensitive emulsion which is held between two protective covers, (or mylars) is adhered to the plate and exposed. Martin will teach you how to ‘water-slide’ photec film onto zinc plate, and expose & develop your photo positive. You will go on to etch and add tone with aquatint by applying a ‘field’ of fine organic dots which when etched at different times and ‘stopped out’ in between will add a range of tonal qualities to give form and depth.

Once etched you can ink in different ways and add colour roll-ups for beautiful results. To take the plate even further you can strip off the film completely and etch more line and tone, building your image and proof printing all the different stages. It is very much an etching technique with the starting point of a photograph. It is not essential to know a bit about etching first, but it is an advantage.

Maximum of 9 people