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Japanese Marbling ( Suminagashi)

weekend Course

This course is not currently on the schedule

Tutor: Carly Dorrington

About the course:

Artist Carly Dorrington has been experimenting with marbling in her practice for many years with a strong focus on a contemporary style of Suminagashi marbling, based on ancient Japanese printing techniques. Using traditional methods, beautiful and completely unique prints can be achieved by floating and manipulating inks on water, The swirling colours and patterns interact on the surface creating magical results. This is a very meditative technique and was traditionally used to reflect ones inner state of mind.

Traditionally used for printing paper for poetry and silk for kimonos this technique creates magical and completely unique results.

During my workshops I share with you how to experiment with this captivating technique on paper and fabric, explaining the process, history and materials.
During my Paper and Fabric workshop we will cover my practice, basic history, all traditional materials, my contemporary materials, black and colored Suminagashi inks, single and multiple layer printing, different formats and methods to create effects and then finally moving onto fabric, mordant process, materials and printing.

All paper and fabric samples and handouts to take home.


Maximum of 9 people