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Introduction To Print #2

weekend Course

This course is not currently on the schedule

Tutor: Jeni Nuttall

About the course:

Turn mountboard into printing plates by cutting, scoring and adding to the card, applying a varnish and inking and wiping. The art of collagraphs is full of character. Often misunderstood as a simple school method of sticking textures onto card and printing, it is much more subtle and can be more detailed than that. You will be shown how to fine cut areas of the card to create areas to hold ink, including simple scored lines.

Once sealed the plate can be inked and wiped and printed numerous times and in a variety of ways.

Jeni will show you how to get creative with the inking and wiping as well as adding surface colour for a multi-coloured print. Go on to add carborundum to give great depth of tone, with lots more tips and advice to bring your prints to life.

Maximum of 9 people