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Gum Arabic Transfer            (one-day Sunday workshop)

Weekend Course
Starting: 2022-10-23 10:30:00
Ending: 2022-10-23 16:30:00
From: 2022-10-23 10:30:00 to 2022-10-23 16:30:00


Tutor: Jeni Nuttall

About the course:

Turn simple photocopies into printing plates. By saturating the photocopy with just the right amount of gum arabic solution, you can create a ‘plate’ in a similar way to lithography. Rolling over the photocopy with ink the black areas of photocopy will attract and hold the ink and the more oily plain paper areas will resist the ink, remaining clear. You can work with photographs and/or hand drawn imagery. Jeni will show you overprinting and layering to add more depth and colours. Results are delicate, tonal and quite unique.

Cost: £140.00 / £120.00 members

Maximum of 8.00 people

If you would like to make a provisional booking for this course, please fill in your details below. Your place is not secure until payment has been made. Please contact the workshop on 0161 743 3111 during our office hours (Mon-Fri 10am – 5pm) to pay via Credit/Debit Card over the phone or arrange to make a bank transfer.