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Weekend Course

This course is not currently on the schedule

Tutor: Elizabeth Willow

About the course:

Back by popular demand! Come and learn letterpress on our lovely Adana presses the original desk top publishing way. Ideal for complete beginners, you will be shown how to set metal type using a composing stick and lock up type into a forme ready to print. This weekend will set you up to be able to continue setting type and print cards, prose or small books.

We have a suite of Adana 8 x 5s. Marketed for hobbyist printers in the early 1940s Adanas became hugely popular. After the WWII, (having supplied flat bed Adanas to the Resistance Movement in France), the company continued to grow and when the iconic 8 x 5 was introduced in 1953 it became the mainstay of home printing until lithography and eventually computers took away the bulk of business. The presses were taken out of production in 1999 but continue to be popular as they were so well made and easy to use.

Maximum of 7 people