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It’s always nice to see new people come into our humble little workshop and discover the delights of printmaking, especially when they produce such vibrant, colourful and creative work from the start.

Meet Ian Footitt who recently took one of our hugely popular screenprinting courses with John Powell-Jones aka SAVWO (Savage Wolf) and felt inspired to write about the experience on his blog.

Most of the time I sit behind my shiny Mac designing shiny widgets and websites but sometimes I just want to get my hands dirty. I loved the whole process creating the print but seeing the image take shape as the layers of colour are overlaid was particularly satisfying. I think I’ll be signing up for a membership at Hot Bed Press now I’ve caught the bug again!

Hop on over to Ian’s blog to read the full article, and see more of his brilliant photos.

Have you been on one of our courses? What did you think? Let us know..!

(Image credits: Ian Footitt)


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