Hot Bed Press
Hot Bed Press Printmakers' Studio | The Casket Works, Cow Lane, Salford. M5 4NB | Tel: 0161 743 3111 | Email:

Hot Bed Press is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. We operate on charitable purposes with the aim to support artists, to promote printmaking and to educate a wide audience in printmaking and related arts. (Our company no. is 3704774.) We are not a charity, but are considering the option of applying for charitable purposes.

    All money we raise goes into the running of the workshop and maintaining professional facilities.

Once a year we run an Under-The-Bed Sale when members clear out prints, (from under their bed?), and we have a large bargain sale of prints open to the public. This also raises valuable money for new equipment. Each year we identify a large piece of equipment to purchase from this and set that as our target. In November 2013 we raised £2,000 [from sales of over £3,000] which was spent on 2 portable light boxes for photo-ething and solar-plate, a guillotine, rollers, water baths and drypoint tools.

We have also teamed up with Print For Good to sell a special edition of screenprints to raise money for an Artist-in-Residence scheme in 2014. The more we sell the more we can offer as a residency scheme.

A Well Run Business and a Vision For The Future…

    Our Board of Directors meet regularly to oversee the running of Hot Bed Press and to ensure that strategic planning and ambitions are met, and that everything is running smoothly. The Board is made up of volunteers with a healthy mix of members and non-members with experience and knowledge of different aspects of running an organisation. We are also supported by Business in the Arts: North West who have helped provide suitable Board members through their Board Bank. The Board receives financial and stategic planning reports from the Artistic Director.

    Our Annual General Meeting is open to all members and and friends of Hot Bed Press and an annual report is prepared. At the AGM it is required that members of the Board step down on a rotational basis to ensure that the Board of Directors remains fresh. members can also have their say and put forward any fresh ideas.


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