Hot Bed Press
Hot Bed Press Printmakers' Studio | The Casket Works, Cow Lane, Salford. M5 4NB | Tel: 0161 743 3111 | Email:


We now have 3 dedicated areas of working at Hot Bed Press where we have the following equipment and resources available:


  • 8 x vacuum screen beds ranging in size up to 222cm x 149cm
  • Over 130 screens available for use (65T mesh to 110T mesh)
  • All in one exposure unit 144cm x 120cm in a dedicated darkroom
  • Washout unit with power hose
  • Richards of Hull Drying Cabinet (Internal Dimensions – 130cm x 120cm)
  • Various coating troughs

Etching area

  • Rochat etching press; bed size 26″ x 48″
  • Rochat etching press; bed size 21″ x 42″
  • Rollaco etching press; bed size 30″ x 40″
  • Hawthorne Etching Press x Bed 16″ x 36″
  • 2 hot plates
  • Traditional resin aquatint booth
  • Ferric and nitric etching facilities
  • Full range of etching needles, burnishers and roulettes for members to use

 Relief printing and letterpress

  • Large Albion relief press platten size 20″ x 26″
  • Small Albion relief press platten size 16″ x 20″
  • A large selection of lead type (up to 24pt)
  • 5 Adana letter presses A4 & A3 Nipping presses
  • selection of bone folders, knives and book arts sundries


  • 40 plan chests available for members to store work at just £1 a month
  • plus 5 large plan chests available for members with large work for £2 a month
  • 12 storage containers for members to store their own ink and tools for £1 a month
  • Full range of woodcut, and lino tools
  • A range of different papers including Canaletto, Somerset, Fabriano, Arches, Zerkall
  • We also have a full range of inks from relief, etching, screen-print and even letterpress.
  • Zinc, lino, Japanese rubber and aluminium are available for relief printing . We also have a range of book cloth and bookram.

Better equipped

We have accumulated lots of equipment from various sources over the years without which we would not be operating to the size and scale we are today.

We thank the following for their contributions to our equipment:

Manchester Metroplolitan University; (the wonderful letterpress facility including type and a small but perfectly formed albion, plus small screen bed),

Liverpool John Moores University; (etching booth, aquatint booth and water bath),

People Print in Rochdale; (the washout unit,screen bed and rack).

Wirral Metropolitan College; (a small screen bed)

Two individuals have loaned us Rochat Presses, one of which is now very generously ours, whilst the large Rochat is on a two year loan.

Other individuals have donated Adanas and letterpress equipment and in 2008 one anonymous benefactor gave us £1,000 to invest in equipment which we invested in essential new racking a sink and new etching blankets.